Monitoring Social Media

Out of all of the currently available options for social media monitoring services, I would choose to use Hootsuite to keep track of Paterno’s social media accounts.  While a monitoring service may not necessarily be needed for Paterno’s since it is a small, locally owned business, it couldn’t hurt to use such a service.  This […]

Tweeting for Paterno’s

If I had to create a social media ad for Paterno’s, I would design one that would be featured on their Twitter account.  I would choose to use Twitter for this advertisement because their account currently has over 2,100 followers and it is relatively simple to share Twitter content among your followers.  The ad would […]

Is a White Label Network Necessary?

While white label social networks share many of the same characteristics with regular social networks, white label networks can be much more customized since they are run by directly by a corporation or business.  Not only do they avoid any of the unnecessary clutter of normal social media networks, they can also help a customer […]

To Use or Not to Use: LinkedIn

LinkedIn has quickly become the go-tool for business professionals looking to get ahead in the job market.  Individuals are able to share education and experience, connect with other LinkedIn users and create ties with potential employers.  As great as LinkedIn is for these reasons, I do not feel that Paterno’s at the Park would benefit […]

Managing Crisis

The restaurant industry is one that can be extremely volatile.  Managing and operating a restaurant is a difficult job as there are bound to be numerous crises that arise, no matter how prepared you are.  The key to managing crisis is being as prepared as possible and having some sort of plan that can quickly […]

Hyper: What’s in a Name?

   In the sea of both current and up and coming social media platforms, Hyper is looking to stand out.  Hyper is a new photo sharing app that is being described as a mix of two extremely popular websites, Instagram (400 million users) and Reddit (231 million monthly users).  Hyper is similar to Instagram in […]

Small Businesses Taking on Big Events

Super Bowl 50 may not have been the most watched Super Bowl in history (it placed 3rd), but it still reached an incredible 111.9 million viewer in the United States.  This is great news for CBSSports, the channel that handled coverage for the big game, but it is even better news for every single company […]