Paterno’s at the Park


For my social media campaign, I have chosen to focus on Paterno’s at the Park, a family owned Italian restaurant located in Charleston, WV.  A reinvention of similar Italian restaurant operated by the same family in the 70’s, Paterno’s now features signature Italian dishes, along with numerous other signature dished prepared by the chefs.  The restaurant is located in Appalachian Power Park, the home field for the West Virginia Power, a minor league baseball team and affiliate of the Pittsburgh Pirates.  Paterno’s is open year around for both lunch and dinner.  They also have a fully stocked bar, which is great place to sit if you are looking for a more casual dinner and a drink.

When it comes to local Italian food, there are only about three competitors that could direct traffic away from Paterno’s.  These competitors include Leonoro’s Spaghetti House, Fazio’s, and Olive Garden.  Both Leonoro’s and Fazio’s are family owned, local establishments, while Olive Garden is a well known national restaurant chain.  When compared to each other, all of these restaurants have their own strengths and weaknesses.  From the marketing perspective, I feel that the only competitor that has an advantage over Paterno’s is Olive Garden, largely due to its reputation and national recognition.  On the other hand, while both Leonoro’s and Fazio’s are much more established restaurants, they simply are not as active on social media platforms when compared to Paterno’s.

At this point in time, Paterno’s seems to be highly active on several social media platforms.  Not only do they have a detailed website, but they also have Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts.  Based on their posts and social media activity, I would say that they are successful in creating the image that they are attempting to convey.  There are also numerous instances on their Facebook page of creating a dialogue with customers, which is a fantastic way to reach a wider audience and to improve their relationship with their current customers.  In order to stay ahead in the social media department, I would continue to post similar content, but I would vary the content based on the chosen platform instead of simply posting the exact same thing.  I feel that certain social media platforms are better for certain content and it is important to distinguish what works the best.  I would also start a daily or weekly blog for the restaurant to use.  Currently, they include links to articles that are related to Italian food and wines, but none of these articles are their own content.  By managing a restaurant blog, they could share their own thoughts and ideas about food, as well as tips and tricks to help customers with their own cooking.




2 thoughts on “Paterno’s at the Park

  1. I like the idea of the creation of a blog to share their own thoughts and ideas of food. It’ll help out the consumers with their own cooking which could build a strong relationship with the company and consumers. I agree with you statement about different social media platforms are more effective depending on the content you are putting out.


  2. It’s great that they already utilize social media! It’ll give you a head start in improving their marketing efforts. The blog is a really creative idea and I think it could be very effective. I personally would love to follow a food blog from a small restaurant. You could definitely capitalize on the fact that it is a small business and that they have the ability to create original and fresh dishes.


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