Small Businesses Taking on Big Events


Super Bowl 50 may not have been the most watched Super Bowl in history (it placed 3rd), but it still reached an incredible 111.9 million viewer in the United States.  This is great news for CBSSports, the channel that handled coverage for the big game, but it is even better news for every single company that had spent millions for a commercial spot.  Spending a mind-blowing $4.5 million for a 30 second ad may seem a little unnecessary, but it was well worth it for each company that didn’t see 111.9 million people as viewers, but as potential consumers.  While this huge price tag may keep smaller businesses from advertising in the usual ways during the game, there are numerous other ways that they are able to take advantage of the hype that follows any major event.

The number one way that smaller businesses can still get involved in the marketing hype is by harnessing the power of social media.  Whether it be Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or any other form of social media, using these popular platforms during an event is a great way to connect with consumers and to do something attention grabbing and that leads to customer rewards.  One easy way to join in the marketing hype is by using a specific event hashtag.  By doing this, the company’s posts are included with those of larger companies and ultimately reach an audience that would not usually be the target audience of the business.  Another way to use social media would be to host social media giveaways to those who perform certain actions related to the big event.

One way that Paterno’s at the Park could use social media during big events is to have contests, an example being that the first 20 people to retweet something get a discount off their next meal.  Another thing that could be done across all social media platforms is to hold a trivia contest with questions related to the event.  Both of these ideas get consumers involved and reward them for their participation. The Super Bowl is not the only event that or time of the year that promotions like these could be run.  Because Paterno’s is located in a baseball stadium, the biggest event that they could market during would be the World Series.  While the World Series may not rival the Super Bowl for viewers, it would be a great way to reach the specific target audience of baseball fans.  Other than during the World Series, they could also run specials and social media contests during the baseball season, which would target fans who are in attendance and are looking for something a little different than ballpark hot dogs.



One thought on “Small Businesses Taking on Big Events

  1. I like the ideas of giveaways during a big game. It will allow your audience to engage in a different way. I believe the idea of the first 20 people to retweet a tweet for a discount would be an effective technique for the business to be seen from a wider variety of people.


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