Hyper: What’s in a Name?

In the sea of both current and up and coming social media platforms, Hyper is looking to stand out.  Hyper is a new photo sharing app that is being described as a mix of two extremely popular websites, Instagram (400 million users) and Reddit (231 million monthly users).  Hyper is similar to Instagram in that users can share any pictures that they want.  However, instead of following other users, Hyper encourages users to follow their favorite hashtags.  After posting a phot using a chosen hashtag, that picture is then include with all other photos with the same hashtag, where other users can then upvote and downvote to rank each photo.  As well as ranking photos, posters can include geotags and engage in conversations with other users.  When the Hyper beta was released, users opened the app an average of 5 times per day and shared over 60,000 posts. 

Although Hyper is similar to Instagram, which Paterno’s is currently using, I still believe that is has certain benefits that could ultimately generate more attention and business.  With the ability to share a photo with a general hashtag, Hyper users who wouldn’t typically be aware of Paterno’s would now have their timeline full of consistent Paterno’s content.  The feature of including geotags means that individuals who like a posted picture are also informed of where it was taken.  Another helpful feature of the Hyper app is the ability to ask questions and to get answers by engaging in conversations.  In the case of Paterno’s, a user who asks where they should eat in the area can quickly be directed by other users in the area of even Paterno’s themselves.  My hope is that this update will help Paterno’s reach an audience that is unaware of what they have to offer instead of simply catering to individuals who are already following the restaurant and are fans of its offerings.


Hyper Photo-Sharing App Mixes Instagram with Reddit on iOS
Reddit Stats
Instagram Stats


One thought on “Hyper: What’s in a Name?

  1. I am unfamiliar with the platform Hyper but it sounds like it could be an effective social media platform for Paterno’s. It will help them reach out to a new market and gain popularity in the early stages of the app.


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