To Use or Not to Use: LinkedIn


LinkedIn has quickly become the go-tool for business professionals looking to get ahead in the job market.  Individuals are able to share education and experience, connect with other LinkedIn users and create ties with potential employers.  As great as LinkedIn is for these reasons, I do not feel that Paterno’s at the Park would benefit that much from using it to increase their business.

Paterno’s does not currently have a LinkedIn page and I don’t feel that it has impacted their business. When searching for a restaurant to eat at, consumers are much more likely to head to Google or restaurant review sites such as Yelp.  These sites are much more specialized for the sole purpose of finding a restaurant nearby and for providing consumers with useful information such as prices, hours, and user reviews.  With only a single location and no indication of expanding anytime soon, Paterno’s would be better off by targeting local consumers using platforms such Twitter and Facebook, as well as relying on word of mouth.

If I were to create a LinkedIn page for Paterno’s, it would start with a basic history of the restaurant as well as the background and experience of the owners.  It would then continue with information about the traditional cuisine that Paterno’s offers as well as mentioning the prime location of the restaurant.


2 thoughts on “To Use or Not to Use: LinkedIn

  1. I agree that implementing LinkedIn for Paterno’s most likely wouldn’t be beneficial. Especially since their business seems to be thriving using Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. It would be more beneficial to improve upon what is already working instead of trying to implement LinkedIn


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