Is a White Label Network Necessary?


While white label social networks share many of the same characteristics with regular social networks, white label networks can be much more customized since they are run by directly by a corporation or business.  Not only do they avoid any of the unnecessary clutter of normal social media networks, they can also help a customer feel a stronger connection to the business.

Although white label social networks can prove to be extremely beneficial for certain businesses, I don’t believe that Paterno’s would benefit from using one.  I feel that the overall cost of managing a white label network would be unnecessary in the long run.  Paterno’s location in Appalachian Power Park also means that a lot of people who would never think to use a white label network or would benefit from one would be in and out of the restaurant during certain periods of each year.

If Paterno’s did choose to manage a white label social network, it could include information such as menu specials for the day, special events that the restaurant may be hosting or discounts that members of the private group would be able to use.  I would develop a special app for individuals to use to access the social network, which would enable customers to make reservations directly through the app and show coupons that can be scanned in the restaurant.


2 thoughts on “Is a White Label Network Necessary?

  1. I agree and don’t believe Paterno’s will benefit from white label social networking. Having just one location and only catering to the Charleston area, I think the cost will outweigh the benefits for this social media.


  2. I agree that a white label social network wouldn’t have be beneficial for your client. I also have a restaurant as my client and didn’t believe the benefit outweighed the cost of maintaining one.


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