Tweeting for Paterno’s


If I had to create a social media ad for Paterno’s, I would design one that would be featured on their Twitter account.  I would choose to use Twitter for this advertisement because their account currently has over 2,100 followers and it is relatively simple to share Twitter content among your followers.  The ad would have a baseball theme to it and would be posted before West Virginia Power home games.  This ad would focus not only the baseball game, but the family atmosphere that is created by a baseball game.  Paterno’s prides themselves on providing customers with authentic Italian food and a fun and comfortable atmosphere, which is perfect for spectators who are looking for a meal, either before or after a game.  The ad could also include a promotional message, such as a percentage off of your meal if you present your ticket stub to your waiter or waitress. Not only would this help generate business for Paterno’s, but it could also bring more fans into West Virginia Power home games.  Not only could this advertisement prove beneficial, but it is also relatively inexpensive since it is a single tweet before certain games.



2 thoughts on “Tweeting for Paterno’s

  1. I like the idea of using Twitter for Paterno’s. They already have a nice following base, and using it to promote a discount will attract those followers in. I think this ad would be very beneficial.


  2. Capitalizing on their strong following on Twitter in order to reach the widest audience. Promoting the family aspect along with offering a percentage off a meal will also help Paterno’s grow their following base.


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