Monitoring Social Media


Out of all of the currently available options for social media monitoring services, I would choose to use Hootsuite to keep track of Paterno’s social media accounts.  While a monitoring service may not necessarily be needed for Paterno’s since it is a small, locally owned business, it couldn’t hurt to use such a service.  This is one reason that Hootsuite would be the best service to use.  Hootsuite can either be free, or used for a very small monthly price, which makes it a no brainer for a company that could live with or without tracking their social media.  Another reason why I would choose to use Hootsuite is its ability to monitor multiple social media accounts in a single place.  Having several active social media accounts such as Paterno’s does can be extremely useful for consumers, but can quickly get overwhelming or confusing for those running them.  With Hootsuite, those who manage the accounts no longer have to jump between accounts, ultimately losing track of what content goes on which account.

I feel that the benefits of using a monitoring service would ultimately outweigh any costs that may occur.  A restaurant strives on giving customers a positive dining experience.  For a business that cares so much about positive reviews, the ability to keep up with what people are saying about the restaurant in live time is vital for success. It also gives Paterno’s the ability to quickly respond to anything that is being said, whether it be positive or negative.

Overall, I feel that any of the ideas I have come up with could benefit Paterno’s in some way.  Although some of the ideas may not be very original or different from what they are currently doing, it is often the little changes that can grab the attention of a new customer.  Current customers are great for business and are usually willing to come back. Branching out from this target market is the key to success and I believe that my  campaign is what could push Paterno’s to the next level.



3 thoughts on “Monitoring Social Media

  1. Hootsuite is a great social media monitor system for small businesses. You will be able to monitor some of the consumers experience that they had at the restaurant (positive or negative) and be able to respond to them.


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